Price Western Product Catalogue - Load Carrying Systems

    1. Load Carrying Systems

      Load Carrying Systems

      Load Carrying Systems


      We manufacture a wide range of tactical vests, chest rigs, duty vests and load carrying systems for security professionals, para-medics and military teams.
      Based on a black or hi-vis mesh body, we customise each vest to your specific requirements - with an exhaustive range of pockets and equipment carriers that can be added to a core vest.
      We also produce the Ergonomic Belt, specifically designed to put the load on the hips rather than the back - perfect for users with weak or injured backs.
      Please call us on +44 (0) 1643 705071 or by email at to discuss your specific requirements.

    2. Tactical Vest for Police

      Tactical Vest for Police

      Tactical Vest for Police

      Zip Fastening Load Carrying (Load Bearing) Vest made in black mesh nylon.

      Designed to carry: • 9 Bangs pouches
      • First field dressing / General Utility
      • Respirator
      • M16 pouches
      • Baton
      • Incapacitant Spray Canisters

      • Rigid Cuff
      • Radio
      • 2 large zip-fastening cargo pockets
      • Detachable Butt Pad
      • Detachable Police Badges

      Available in 2 sizes and can be adapted for Method of Entry (MoE) usage.
      Order Code: W693
    3. Medic Vest

      Medic Vest

      Medic Vest


      Load Carrying (also known as Load Bearing) Vest for medics and para medics.
      Similar to the W695 tactical vest in construction, the medic vest in standard configuration will carry:
       • 2 Eye Wash 20ml
       • 2 Triangular bandages
       • 1 Safety pin 45mm
       • 2 Guedal Airways size 4
       • 1 Micropore Tape 2.5cm
       • 2 Guedal Airways size 3
       • 4 Packet Skin Skin Closures
       • 2 No.2 Ambulance Dressings
       • 1 Tufkut Scissors
       • 2 No.3 Ambulance Dressings
       • 1 Conforming Bandage
       • 5 Steripads
       • 3 No.16 Eyepads
       • 6 Wipes
       • 2 Packets x 20 Plasters
       • Plasticuffs
       • 1 x Plastic Tweezers
       • 5' Fluid Reservoir

      Carry your kit - your way
      With our in-house design team and flexible manufacturing processes, we can easily configure any of our vests to carry almost any combination of equipment-specific pouches and holsters - please contact us for details.

      Order Code: Medic
    4. Price Western Molle Tactical Vest

      Price Western Molle Tactical Vest

      Price Western Molle Tactical Vest

      The latest Price Western Tactical Vest (also known as "load carrying" or "load bearing") features the Molle platform for attachment of pouches and accessories.

      Made of 1000 Denier texturised nylon with one inch webbing. The Price Western Tactical Molle Vest is fully adjustable to ensure a tight, secure fit.

      Order Code: W1172
    5. Ergonomic Belt

      Ergonomic Belt

      Ergonomic Belt

      Now in its third year of production, the Price Western Ergonomic Belt has been designed to radically improve the comfort and physical impact on police and security users. Users are now able to carry an extensive array of equipment and maintain maximum mobility. Improvements to the Mark II Ergonomic Belt include increased stability, a new inner face material and improved appearance. All these improvements are the result of our close co-operation with police forces in the UK providing feedback from day-to-day use.

      Available with a range of carrying options, the Ergonomic Belt is designed to hold the weight of carried items on the user's hips. Foam panels around the body distribute the load evenly. Key improvements to the Mark II belt include improved stability and reduced movement of the belt which come from improved contours and a new inner face material offering greater friction with the wearer's uniform.

      The Price Western Ergonomic Belt affords the wearer an unparalleled level of comfort and mobility while retaining the ability to carry a wide range of equipment.

      The Price Western Ergonomic Belt features one-way press stud fastening on each of the 6 equipment loops to ensure accurate spacing and security of carried equipment.

      The centres or type of intermediate press-studs can be altered to suit individual Force requirements. Buckle options include Twistlock and Coplock buckles.

      Order Code: W695
    6. Hi-vis Tactical Vest (W1820)

      Hi-vis Tactical Vest (W1820)

      Hi-vis Tactical Vest (W1820)


      A high-visibility tactical vest with reflective strips and internal cargo pockets.

       • Range of sizes
       • Fixed pouches
       • Two internal cargo pockets
       • Pouches for
       • Taser
       • Baton
       • Handcuffs
       • Spray
       • Utility pouch
       • Two klickfast docks

      Back panels allow for width adjustment and shoulder pads allow for height and fitting adjustment for a wide range of body sizes.

      Order Code: W1820
    7. High-Visibility Tactical Vest

      High-Visibility Tactical Vest

      High-Visibility Tactical Vest


      A high-visibility tactical vest for Police forces. The vest features reflective strips and fixed pouches on detachable plates.


      • Two internal cargo pockets
      • Pouches for

      • Taser
      • Baton
      • Handcuffs
      • Spray attachment on klickfast dock attachments
      • Utility pouch
      • Two klickfast docks

      Detachable plates can be supplied to customer requirements to hold an extensive range of products.

      Order Code: W1795
    8. Mollé 2.0 Tactical Vest

      Mollé  2.0 Tactical Vest

      Mollé 2.0 Tactical Vest


      A revolution in Mollé standard equipment: lightweight and durable, with a significant reduction in production costs without losing any functionality.

      "LaserLaser cut for accuracy
      Our new Mollé standard tactical vest will be available in black or hi-visibility material for a wide range of uniformed requirements.

      The Mollé slots are laser cut for accuracy and efficiency of production.

      The number and size of Mollé panels can be customised to each order, so you always get a mission-specific vest.

      We already have a wide range of pockets, pouches and accessory holders for practically all equipment in current use.

      A range of size options are available, with small order quantities possible for the smaller specialist team.

      Order Code: Molle_2.0
    9. Tactical Vest with Taser X2 Holster

      Tactical Vest with Taser X2 Holster

      Tactical Vest with Taser X2 Holster


      The latest version of our Police edition tactical vest.

      Produced in black 380gsm nylon mesh, this model is equipped with our standard tactical vest features as well as 2 equipment-carry panels:-

      • W2135 Taser X2 holster with pocket for additional cartridge
      • W2134 Expandable Baton panel with pocket for rigid handcuffs

      The W2130 Tactical Vest features a one-size design with adjustments made through 4 straps at the rear of the vest and 2 over-the-shoulder tabs that are secured with full-width velcro for final adjustments.

      The W2130 vest also features a cable-channel over the shoulder to ensure cabes do not hinder the wearer.

      Order Code: W2130